Casino Bonus

Being able to start playing any casino game with more money than you had set aside to do so is of course going to be of great interest to any player. One way that you are going to be able to do so is by moving your real money gaming action over to the online gaming environment.

The very first thing you will discover when you start to play online casino games is that every single casino you will find online offers their players not only new player sign up welcome bonuses, but they will also give you access to ongoing bonuses if you remain loyal to their casino sites.

However, there are going to be a very large and very diverse range of differently structured bonuses that you can make use of and claim, and for the first time online casino game player it can be quite confusing as to which bonuses are going to be worth claiming and using and which bonuses are hardly ever worth claiming!

With that in mind we have put together this very easy to follow and understand guide that is going to enlighten you as to each different type of casino bonus you can claim at various different online casinos.

So with that in mind if you are new to the world of online casinos, and are attracted to playing at one or more casino sites due to the bonuses that you are going to be able to claim and make use of then please do take a good look through the following guide.

Below you will find an overview and also the pros and cons of claiming every single type of casino bonus on offer at all of our featured and highly rated casinos, and there will be several of them that will suit you and your way of playing casino games perfectly!

Types of Casino Bonuses

There are so many bonuses up for grabs that it is going to take some getting used to if you have never come across casino bonuses before, as some of them are generous and worth claiming whilst some tend to be just a trap to get you to tie up your deposits in huge play through requirements.

With that in mind here are some of the most commonly offered bonuses which you will certainly find no shorts of at any of our featured casinos and alongside each of them will be information as to whether those bonuses are worth claiming and making full use of!

No Deposit Bonuses There will never be any risk involved if you choose to claim a no deposit casino bonus as the casino will give you a completely free set of credits once you have claimed one of these bonuses.

However, they do tend to be very low valued bonuses so do not expect to be given a huge number of free credits when you claim these bonuses and they also do tend to come with some very strict rules so make sure you read through hem before playing with your no deposit bonus credits!

Deposit Match Bonuses One thing to make a note of and check out is when you are offered a deposit match bonus just what percentage of your deposit is going to be matched by the casino in bonus funds, The best type of deposit match bonuses come with a low play through requirement but a large percentage bonus and as such look out for bonus structured in that way!

Free Slot Game Spins Many online casinos give away completely free sets of slot spins to both their new and existing players from time to time and these types of bonuses are simply known as free spins bonuses.

When you are given such a bonus you then need to launch the slot game they have been credited on hen you have logged into the casinos site via the real money player link and then play off those free spins.

The aim is of course for you to win as much as you can as those winnings will either be given to you as bonuses credits with a play through requirement or as cash credits which you can cash out of your account instantly if you so desire!

One Hour Free Play A one hour free play casino bonus is going to see you getting a large amount o bonus credits added to your newly opened online casino account and with those bonus credits which require no initial deposit you can then play any of the games available for up to 60 minutes.

The structure of these bonuses are such that you then have to try and win more than your opening balance with those bonus funds as by doing so your winnings will be, up to a certain amount, added to your casino account a bonus credits which need playing through when you make a deposit into your account.

Best Casino Games to Play with a Online Casino Bonus

There are going to be a lot of different rules attached to any online casino bonus you come across and not all of the bonus credits you will be awarded with when you claim any such bonus will be able to be sued on every single casino game offered by the casino offering the bonus.

With that in mind you are going o first have to decide which casino bonus you like the look of the most and then look through the terms and conditions and any additional bonus rules to see if the bonus funds you will be awarded with can be used on the casino game you wish to play.

The best games to play with any casino bonus however are always going to be the games on which you will find a higher than average long term expected payout percentage or casino games which have been designed with a very low house edge. So make sure you track those games down and play them with your bonus credits to increase your overall chance of winning with those bonus funds!