Online Roulette

One of the oldest and yet still most popular casino games you are always going to find offered at any online casino site you choose to play at is the game of Roulette. In fact, over the years as the online casino gaming environment has developed and evolved there have been lots of different Roulette games launched.

online roulette

However, as a player you are always going to be looking for the very best casino games to play and if you do enjoy playing Roulette then you really do need to read through the following guide as we are going to be letting you know not only which Roulette game variants you can play online but also will be highlighting just which Roulette games are the best ones to play due to the design of those games and their respective winning payouts.

But if you have never played Roulette before then we shall now give you a brief overview of just how you can play Roulette online just in case you have never played this game before. But we guarantee that as soon as you do find out how to play Roulette and discover just how much you can win you will be itching to give this game a try online.

If you do like what you read and wish to play Roulette online then take a good look around our website as we have lots of different casino sites fully reviewed and each of them will offer you comps when playing real money Roulette at their respective casino sites and you may also find you can claim a range of bonuses either as a first time player at those casinos of when you become a regularly player at those sites.

How to play Roulette Online

The most popular Roulette game available online is the European Roulette game and as such we shall now give you a quick run through of how to play this popular and very easy to understand game online at any of our featured online casino sites.

You will first need to open up and online casino site account and then make a deposit into that casino account. When you have logged into your account and have made a deposit then all you need to do is to look through the list of games and select the Europe Roulette game from the game menu.

Once launched you will then be faced with the Roulette games betting layout, you are first required to select one of the chip values as the ones you will have in play and you do that by simply clicking onto the chop value you want to have in play.

Next you simply need to point and click your mouse over the betting locations you wish to place your chips on. Every location on the betting layout is available to you to bet on however each of them will have their own winning payouts and odds.

If you want to play a very low risk Roulette game playing session then opt to bet on either the even money or 2 to 1 paying locations on the betting layout however for the chance to win big consider placing a straight up bet on one of the single numbers.

If you bet on any one single number and that number is spun in you are paid out at odds of 35 to 1! Once you have placed your wagers on the Roulette games betting layout you simply need to click onto the spin button to send the wheel spinning.

The ball will then spin and eventually it will land in one of the number wells and the number in that well will be the winning number of that game!

Online Roulette Game Variants

Let us now give you an insight into the most played and most commonly available Roulette game variants that you are bound to come across no matter at which online casino sites you choose to play at.

Each of the following Roulette game variants are structured and designed very differently and each of them will offer their own house edge the best Roulette game to play is of course the one which has the very lowest long term house edge, so make sure that is the game you play when playing Roulette online for real money!

French Roulette All of the betting locations on the single zero French Roulette game come with a house edge of 2,79% with the exception of all of the even money paying betting locations.

The reason those even money paying betting locations come with a house edge of just 1.35% is that whenever a zero is spun in you will either get all of your stakes returned to you or your bets placed on those positions stay in place for the next spin!

European Roulette The most played Roulette game is by far and away the European Roulette game and whilst the house edge on the even money paying locations is not as low as the above game if you tend to bet on any other betting location the house edge and payout odds on any other betting locations are just as generous as the game above.

For reference this game also comes with just one single zero on the betting layout and wheel and the overall house edge of this Roulette game variant is 2.70% which is quite reasonable and low in value.

American Roulette The other commonly available Roulette game you will come across is the American Roulette game however as a savvy casino game player this is always going to be a game you should avoid playing.

There are two different zeros on the wheel of this game one is a single zero and the other is a double zero, however there is no enhanced winning payouts on any of the betting locations on this game and that means the house edge is huge and very unappealing the house edge for reference is 5.26%, so never play this game for real money!