Online Slots

If you are a slot player but only ever play slots in land based casinos or even in amusement arcades or in gaming venues, then you really have been missing out!

online slots

There are lots of additional benefits that will be coming your way when you sign up to an online casino and opt to play those casino slot machines and in this slot playing guide we shall let you know what those benefits are and just what types of slot machines and lost games will be on offer to you.

Let us start off by letting you know what the benefits are of playing slot machines online. The first thing you are going to find is that there are thousands upon thousands of different slot games that you can play online and as such you will have much more choice of games when playing them at any online casino sites.

Another very major benefit of playing slot games online is that you will be bale to claim a huge number of different types of casino bonuses and those bonuses can be used to extend your slot play time and increase your overall winning chances.

Slot comps are also available at all online casinos so the more you play real money slots at any online casino the more additional and extra rewards you will earn.

One final thing to note that when you sign up to some of our featured online casino sites is that you are also going to be able to take part in and enter slot tournaments some of those tournaments are going to be free to enter ones and some of them will cost you a small entry fee, however they will also come with cash prizes anyone can win!

Types of Online Slots

If you are wondering, as you may be doing, as to what types and variants of slot machines you are going to be able to access and play online then let us now give you a complete overview of every single category of slot which you will have full and unrestricted access to at each of our featured casino sites.

Fixed Odds Slot : There are going to be a handful of very unusual slot machines available at some online casino sites and those slot machines are known as fixed odds slots.

What makes these games unique is that on each spin you play off a winning combination is guaranteed to be spun in on the one single payline, but you have to place a bet or several bets on any or all of the potential winning combinations as listed on the pay table.

As long as you have placed a bet on the exact winning combination that spins in you will receive the associated payout, so do consider giving these very unusual slot games a try when you want to play something different!

Fruit Machines : If you live in the UK then you will be fully aware of what fruit machine slot games are they are usually three reel slots offering just one single payline however some of them do have more than one payline.

However, what makes fruit machines extremely playable is that they can often come with dozens of different bonus games and bonus features that can and will trigger very regularly, and as such you get much more fun, entertainment and excitement when playing them, so once again so do look out for these types of slots when you log into any online casino site if you want a fun filled slot playing experience!

3 Reel Slots There will be more than enough 3 reel slot machines that you can play online and whilst the vast majority of these types of slot machines do not usually come with any types of bonus games us may be boring to play for some players they can award some huge jackpots.

It is also worth keeping in mind that many three reel slot machines whilst very fast playing slots do and can come with very high and above average payout percentages too so they are worth playing when you want the maximum winning opportunities.

Plus you will of course find much like all of the other slot games listed on this guide you will be bale to play them for stake levels of you own choosing, and often they come with an enhanced jackpot winning payout when player splay them with either maximum stake levels in play on single line slots or with all of the paylines on offer on three reel slots which offer more than one payline, so do keep that in mind!

Video Slots : Without a shadow of a doubt the most played online slot machines are the five reel video slot games, and the reasons these types of slots get the most real money gaming action is that they offer players the chance of triggering some form of bonus game or additional bonus features.

Some video slots however do not offer players any type of bonus games or bonus features and those slots tend to be extremely fast playing slots, however if you want a very exciting slot playing session then do track down some of the thousands of different video slot games and get stuck into playing them online!

Progressive Slot Machines The final type of slot machines and slot games which you will be able to play online are the progressive slot games. There are quite a number of these types of slots which can come as either three reel slots or even video slot games.

However, when you play these slots you will have the chance of winning a huge and ever growing progressive jackpot in fact some of them have several progressive jackpots that can be won by players at any time.

Just make sure that if you do decide to play progressive slot machines online that you take a look at their pay tables or the game rules as by doing so you will discover how you have a chance of winning their restive progressive jackpot or jackpots!

Microgaming Slots

Microgaming reputation precedes it in online gambling circles as the software and the numerous slot machine games have consistently enhanced its company name. In 1994 one of the first online casinos powered by its software went online for public gaming.

Since then the addition of many slot games and radical changes in its software, kept the name in the view of all patrons of online casinos. At this time there are over 100 Microgaming online casinos and many online slot games. The top ten slots are a matter of preference as the choices are difficult to make from the many games that are part of those offered by Microgaming.

There are also different categories of online slots and this has to be taken into consideration when making a selection.  

Progressive Online Jackpot Slots

The easiest group of slots to choose from has to be the progressive jackpot slots that are offered to the online slot players. These slots include Mega Moolah and Major Millions.

Both of these progressives seem to have a large jackpot all the time. Since they both get very active play, their jackpots grow rapidly to a very high dollar amount.

The chance to make a small wager and win a substantial amount of money is an attraction for the many slot players that frequent the online casinos that are affiliated with Microgaming.

There is a third jackpot progressive that should be mentioned only because it seems to be popular with players and always seems to grow rather quickly. Tunzamunni has been attracting players for some time now and is one of the leading progressives that make up the stable of Microgaming progressive jackpot slots.

Each of these slot games has a jackpot that grows every minute of the day and is played by players on multiple sites that have a Microgaming connection.  

Microgaming Slot Game Payouts

Microgaming line up of regular slots is huge and making choices between all of them is very difficult as the reason to play one over the other is an individual preference and choice. The slots that offer free spins as large awards are one reason to pick some over others.

A higher number of pay-lines are another reason to choose one slot game over another. The reason is that the more paylines that can be played per spin, the better the chances of catching a big payout. The size of the maximum payoff is also a reason to pick one slot game over another.

The games that are chosen for these reasons include, Dolphin Tale, Mad Hatters and Prime Property. However this list can change with time, as a player will seek different games to keep up their interest.  

Microgaming Classic Slots

The last four on the list of top Microgaming slots is even more difficult to choose. If you like classic slot games they are available and if you like slots with different bonus arrangements, these are also open to choose between. The reason to pick one set over another comes down to the slots that the player likes to play and the amount of risk they wish to take per spin.

Microgaming has a huge number of choices in each category and this makes a selection as to the best games even more of a personal preference. In order to give a player a heads up on the possibilities these games will be picked from different slot types.

 In the group of fruit machines, the slot games of Pub Fruity and Treasure Ireland come to the front for their graphics as well as ease of play. These are like old time slots that have been around for decades in live casinos. There are four types of straight slot games with distinct elements that separate them into types. These types are multiplier, bonus multiplier, multiple payline slots and buy a Pay. Your individual choice is as good as any in these groups.  

Multiline microgaming slots

Multiline slots that are not progressive make up the largest percentage of Microgaming slot stable of slots. In this group the slots with the most lines are the most advantages to play. These include Inca Gold and Starscape for a solid selection from the many possibilities that a player is confronted with to play.  

New Microgaming Slots Games

Another factor with Microgaming is they are consistently bringing new games out and players flock to their new games for a while and then retreat back to their favorites. The TV shows that have a running story seem to be the latest fad that has their attention.

There are also a number of slots that have treasure as part of the theme for the slot game. These slots include pirates, treasures of the deep and treasures found in mines of precious metals and diamonds. They are very well done with vivid graphics and the use of dramatic colors. As you can see from all of the many offerings that Microgaming Casinos have to offer, the player can play a different game almost anytime they go online.

A suggestion is this, try a different game each time you go online and find your own favorite to spend time playing, as this will allow for more gaming enjoyment and maybe even a solid reward to your casino account.

Since they keep bringing out new games almost every month, the player is hard pressed to stay current with the new offerings unless they sign up for email notices of new free slot games. Also checkout the Microgaming website to read about new games they have just released. Register for email notices and then play at your favorite Microgaming affiliated online casino.

Their list of games will only continue to grow and with new and provocative game elements that hold the players interest. Without a doubt they have captured a great following for their games. There are other providers of slot games for online casinos, but this one has to be in a class by itself.

Slot players seem to agree as the progressives from this slot provider are always at the top of the current big progressive jackpots. Enjoy the games and may the luck be with your next spin also at the mobile slots.