Online Video Poker

You may be the type of casino game player who is not that bothered in regards to just which casino games you get stuck into playing, as long as the games you are playing are keeping you amused and entertained. In fact, when playing at any online casino site you will of course come across hundreds of different games that will certainly give you hours of fun and entertainment.

However, as you are placing your own money at risk when playing any online casino game in a real money playing environment, then you should ideally be looking or the games which give you the best winning opportunities.

Whilst every single casino game on offer at any of our featured and top rated online casino sites are certified and verified as being 100% random, there are some games which do have a small element of skill involved in their design, and by playing those games optimally and with the best playing strategy in place you can often increase your winning chances quite noticeably.

One category of casino game which does have a level of skill involved in their design, and games which offer you the very highest of payout percentages are the video poker games.

In this guide we are going to be taking a much closer look at video poker games and will be enlightening you as to why they are the very best games you should be tracking down and playing.

So if you are looking for a very wide and diverse range of real money casino games to play then please do read on, for you are going to be amazed by just how high paying most if not all video poker games can be! As a player you are risking your own money on every game you play and you will always want the best chances of walking away with more money than you started playing with!

How to Play Video Poker Games

Let us know tell you the best way to play video poker games online to give you the best chances of ending your real money video poker playing session in profit.

First and foremost you will need to look out for the games which due to their pay tables are offering you he very highest payout percentages, be aware though that some variants may have the same name at different online casino sites but the pay tables may be different!

Also some multi hand video poker games have lower payout percentages than the same named single hand video poker game variants and often the other way around to! So always check the payout percentage of any video poker games you are thinking of playing before you spend any money playing them!

You will then have to choose what coin value you play your chosen video poker game for and as such that will of course be up to you and determined by the level of risk you wish to have in play and how much cash you have available in your gambling bankroll.

Next take a look at the pay table of the video poker game you wish to play and see if there is an enhance payout attached to the highest ranked poker hand combination on hat pay table if you play that variant with maximum on in play, if there is then you always need to play that game with maximum coins in play dusting the coin value settings to suit your bankroll and gaming budget of course!

Once you have selected your video poker game chosen the coin values and the numbers of coins you wish to ends into play then make sure that the auto hold option is turned on and activate on that game.

You will find the auto hold option setting on the options tab and by turning it on the game is going o take all of the guess work out of you having to select just which cards to hold after the first five cards have been dealt out to you as they will be as soon as you click on the deal button.

By clicking on the deal button five initial cards are deal tout and the auto hold will hold the best ones as per perfect strategy for that variant, all that you need to then do is to click on the re-deal button one final time and any cards that have not been held are removed from the screen and replaced by new ones dealt out of the deck.

One final thing to note is that a gamble game option is offered and available on many video poker game you can play online, however you are going to be best off forgetting about that gamble game and never taking it as it comes with an extra level of risk and if you keep taking it and losing you will soon decimate your gambling bankroll which is something you will not want to experience!

What Video Poker Games Should I Play?

You will need to become a little bit of an expert in regards to picking out just which video poker games will be the very best ones to play, as the design of each available video poker game will result in that game having a different long term expected payout percentage when played optimally.

However, any online casino site that is fully licensed and regulated in the UK is now legally obliged to have displayed on their respective website a listing of every single casino game they have on offer, and alongside that list of casino games they are also required to list the exact expected long term payout percentage each game has been designed and set to return to player over their long term play.

So all that you simply need to do when you are choosing just which video poker games to play at any online casino site is to check through the casinos website and look up all of their available video poker games and then select the one which has the highest payout percentage to play!